We have 8 softball/baseball diamonds at our facility. If you would like to rent one for practice, games, tournaments, or for any other reason please contact the office for more information and availability details.

Contact information

  • Phone: 616-942-1330
  • Email: office@christianathleticcomplex.org


Thank you for your interest in our facility. We hope to see you soon!


Diamond Dimensions

Diamond 1 - L265' C270' R255'

Diamond 2 - L230' C230' R230'

Diamond 3 - L230' C240' R230'

Diamond 4 - L285' C285' R265'

Diamond 5 - L265' C265' R255'

Diamond 6 - L265' C265' R265'

Diamond 7 - L225' C240' R215'

Diamond 8 - L255' C265' R255'